Say Hello To The TasklyHub Team...

Welcome to TasklyHub. I'm Sath, the Founder & CEO of TasklyHub.

Together with my team we have built a flexible task management application that is simple to use, yet flexible enough for teams of all sizes.

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The TasklyHub Team

The TasklyHub team is headed up by Serial Entrepreneur Sath, who brings over 10 years experience in business, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing to the table.


Founder & CEO

Sath is a 3x Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of TasklyHub. Sath purchased his first business (with his own savings) as a 16 year old high school student. During this time Sath employed up to three staff and consistently grew sales and profitability. He owned the business for almost three years.

Sath's next endeavour saw him launch and grow a business from the ground up. Sath achieved three years of consistent growth before successfully selling the business.

More recently, Sath has been active in the Tech/Startup ecosystem. He is an Offical Ambassador and Mentor at The University of California's Genesis program where he mentors student entrepreneurs, and also founded Startup Soda, a daily summary of the best startup and tech news coming out of the country.


Our Awesome Software Development Team

Mapwork Logo Software Development Agency

TasklyHub works with a leading software development agency called Mapwork. The team at Mapwork have worked alongside Sath at TasklyHub since mid 2017 and successfully delivered the V2.0 of our application, along with a number of our recently added premium features.