TasklyHub, the FREE task management tool for teams who want to get things done

Free, straightforward and easy to use. TasklyHub is the free task management tool for teams who hate unnecessary complexity and prefer to focus on getting things done.

Thousands Of Customers Trust TasklyHub's Free Task Management Tool Every Day.

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It's A Simple, Yet Powerful Application,
And Best Of All It's Free

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Refreshingly Easy To Use

When you choose to use a free task management application you shouldn't be forced to accept something that is unnecessarily complex, nor too lacking in features to be worthwhile.

TasklyHub's free task management software is both easy to use and packs punch with a number of features that make it easy to create, assign and manage your team's tasks.

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Free Task Management Features You Would Normally Expect To Pay For

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Just Some Of Our Free Features

All free accounts have the ability to view task:

  • Using Kanban Boards
  • In a "List View"
  • As Task Tiles
  • Assigned to your team
  • Assigned to you individually
  • By a particular category
  • That are overdue / due soon
  • Marked as in progress
  • That have been completed

Free & Flexible

Just because some task management software is free doesn't mean your team should be forced to view tasks or work a particular way.

With TasklyHub your team is free to view tasks the way they want. View via Kanban Boards, as a List View or using Task Tiles.

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Everything You Need To Manage Your
Team's Tasks Without Any Hassle

Create Tasks

Create & assign tasks to one or more people on your team.

Manage Tasks

Manage tasks & keep track of what's in progress or due soon.

Categorize Tasks

Categorize and filter tasks by category, due date & status.

Flexible Tasks

Create unlimited tasks and get notified in app & via email.

Flexible Due Dates

Speed up task creation with quick select due dates, or set your own.


Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive.

TasklyHub Free Task Management Software - Checklist And General Tasks View

FREE(dom) For Individuals & Teams

TasklyHub is free task management software that is well suited to individuals, solopreneurs, partners and teams..

The free version of TasklyHub lets you create a team with up to five users and still have access to the bulk of our features, all without ever paying a cent.

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Task Management Software - Free Forever

Enjoy TasklyHub's free task management tool, free, forever. Unlimited categories, unlimited tasks, and up to five team members!

Forever Free

FREE Free for up to 5 users
  • FREE Forever Task Management Software
  • Unlimited Tasks (Free)
  • Unlimited Categories (Free)
  • Up to 5 Team Members (Free)
  • Reply To Tasks & Comments Via Email (Free)
  • Detailed Email Notifications (Free)
  • Up to 10mb File Attachments (Free)
  • Upload from Your Computer (Free)
  • Upload from Dropbox (Free)
  • Upload from Google Drive (Free)
  • Upload from Microsoft OneDrive (Free)
  • Upload from Box (Free)
  • Online Support & Documentation (Free)

If you are interested you can see what is included in our paid plan here.